About Us

In 2012 the Lord gave Lead Pastor, Jamie Hughes a vision of people walking outside the doors of a beautiful, traditional church but were too intimidated to go in.  After seeking God to reveal what this vision meant, a dream that is The Midst was born.  Through much prayer God revealed that in the vision the people didn’t enter into the church because they felt uncomfortable and unaccepted.  A year later a small group stepped out in faith to begin this journey to see the lost and wondering come to a place of salvation through Jesus Christ. The Midst strives to be a place where anyone is welcome.  It is a place where truth is preached in love, without compromise, and holiness is a standard that is strived for.  Above all else we seek the Lord’s leading in all that we do.  Our hearts desire is for all men, women, boys, and girls to have a relationship with the one, true God and to see them take what they have received and share it with a lost and dying world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the Midst.  Our prayer is that you and your family are blessed and that more than anything you are ever growing in relationship with your Lord, Jesus Christ!


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